I want to volunteer

Care For Dogs Romania has an urgent need for the following volunteers:

Becoming a volunteer is simple. Fill out the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

There is an activity for anyone who wants to help the animals in our care. Check out below:

Volunteer activities

  • Dog socializing

    Visit our shelter and play with our dogs for at least one hour. Playing with dogs will help them get used to human presence and it will make adjustment to their future new home easier. You can also walk the dogs and teach them to walk on leash and follow lead.

  • Shelter repairs and/or cleaning

    Volunteers are invaluable help for the difficult work such as miscellaneous repairs, kennel and/or yard cleaning, preparing the food for the dogs, etc.

  • Transportation

    If you have a personal car, you can help us by transporting the dogs to and from the vet clinic. You can also help us catch the animals that are abandoned and roaming the streets and transport them to our shelter.

  • Home checks

    We adopt out dogs in a variety of locations. Since we can’t be everywhere, we always need people to run home checks on potential adopters. We will train you on what kind of questions to ask and what to look for. Home checks will help us prevent failed adoptions and abandonment.

  • Photography

    Good pictures are a great tool to help the dogs get adopted faster and better. You can come to our shelter and take pictures of our animals. You do not have to be a professional photographer. Just be good with a camera.

How I want to help

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