Spay/Neuter Campaign 2020 - Prejmer Area

Spay/Neuter Campaign 2020 - Prejmer Area
  • Wednesday, 1 January 2020, 8:30toThursday, 31 December 2020, 18:00
  • Str Garii, Nr 470B, Harman

Spay/Neuter Campaign 2020 - Prejmer Area

This is a long awaited announcement. Thanks to our partners and donors we are extending the spay/neuter campaign all throughout 2019.

We are serving the following areas: Prejmer, Harman, Sânpetru, Bod, Podu Olt, Lunca Calnicului.

To schedule a surgery please call Delia Botea at +4074307730.

Pet spaying and neutering is mandatory in Romania and now it can be done for free.

CAUTION!!! Do not feed your pet within 24 hours of the surgery.

Now you can make your pet’s life better and it’s free!

If you want to help us distribute flyers in the area to promote the campaign, please contact Delia Botea at +40759077303 or send us a message. Thank you!

The campaign is sponsored by Tierschutzgruppe Herzenmenschen e.V., Hunderettung europa e.V., and Care For Dogs Romania.

We are changing the world slowly but surely. We believe in this change.

Spay/Neuter Campaign 2020 - Zona Prejmer

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