Am spus si o mai spun: cred cu tarie ca Delia este una dintre putinele persoane pe care le cunosc si care au un suflet minunat.

Delia ma inspira zi de zi si ma face sa vreau sa fiu mai buna.

Delia a dovedit de nenumarate ori ca imposibilul este posibil, a facut din nimic tot, a adus fericire in sufletul atator animalute.

Delia este un exemplu pentru noi toti!

Andrea Barti

Delia imi apare in news feed, poate nu zilnic, dar de cateva ori pe saptamana (iar asta de ani de zile!!!), postari despre caini amarati si maltratati si vai de capul lor, carora Delia Botea le-a oferit un adapost si tratament, iar daca veti verifica contul ei de facebook, veti vedea ce inseamna cu adevarat daruire pentru o cauza. Pe langa respect absolut, Delia merita sustinerea si ajutorul unei comunitati mai mari, fiindca prin ajutorul vostru poate si ea sa ajute mai departe si sa rezolve probleme la care cei mai multi raman indiferenti. Get involved and share if you Care for Dogs Romania! 🐶

Tencariu Mihnea

Cu mâna pe inimă și cu credința-n Dumnezeu, vă spun că #Delia face ca această lume să fie un loc mai bun !!!! cuvintele sunt de prisos, intrați pe pagina ei…. #enjoy the #video

Vă rog din suflet s-o ajutam să construiască un adapost pt #căței, 20-30 de ron/căciulă nu-s un capăt de țară!!! Multumesc!!!!

Böðvar Röðull

If I have to use one word to describe Delia and her work will be AMAZING …. Will always try to help her as much as I can!

Marius Taylor

A fighter and a amazing girl with a heart full of love for all animals, keep up the good work.Bravoooo Delia!

Raluca Elena

Delia not just rescues the dogs – she shows them love, try to resocialize them & does everything to get them a better and happier life.

You can see how much she loves them!

Thank you Delia, for your amazing work!

You are my hero & an angel for the dogs!

Verena Anerev

One of the most dedicated people I have ever met in my life.and she is dedicated spending money and not earning or winning money.but what she wins should motivate us all!!! I take my hat off in front of you Delia! Not even all the words from the dictionary could describe the way I see you! Great moral compass and great personality! Congratulations!

Claudia Istrate

I met Delia in person when I visited her shelter in May 2016.

I can vouch that she is not only a wonderful person, but she is really good at rescuing dogs. I’ve seen her taking a dog used for dog fighting and turning it into the nicest, cuddliest dog ever, among many, many other cases.

If you want to donate for a cause, don’t wait anymore. Donate to Delia’s shelter and you will be making a huge difference in the lives of countless dogs.

Daniela Popescu

Delia is like an Angel for the Dogs. No sorry I`m wrong.. she is not just “like” an angel for the dogs! She is an Angel for them!!!

I met her personally a few times! Delia puts her whole freetime, her own money and her big big big heart and soul into saving dogs! She has a special connection to every single dog of her!

She gain the trust of them so fast and know every dog`s character very well!

It`s a pleasure, that i had the chance to meet her and help her!

Please support this amazing woman and help her to help the dogs!

Gloria Reith

We’ve had our beautiful puppy for over a month now, thanks to Delia and team for looking after our girl, rescuing her from the street and bringing her to us safely. Not only do we have the most gorgeous and loveable new member of the family but we also take pride in the fact that we saved a life and really did make a difference. Thanks is just a small word to show how grateful we are to you all xxxx

Amy Dukart

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