Care For Dogs Romania's project for clinic heating system was nominated by Brasov Heroes as one of the 10 worthy causes supported by the June 2nd Brasov obstacle race competition. You can support our clinic heating project by donating here or by participating in the race. If you want to run for a cause, you can sign up for this race at one of the following locations: Șt.O.Iosif Book store, BookCity or Tipografia by June 8th.

24 FUN Brasov 12 March 2019 acknowledges Delia's rescue work and the difference it makes in the community by bestowing Fantastic Woman diploma on her DIPLOMA DE FEMEIE FANTASTICA by 24 FUN Brasov

Libertatea Newspaper 07 Aug. 2018 12:00 REPORTAJ: A fost manager de vânzări, dar acum salvează câini vagabonzi. Deși a devenit recent mămică, Delia Botea nu vrea să-i abandoneze by Mihaela Gradinaru

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