Donate 2%

Due date for submitting form 230 has been extended.
The new due date is July 31st.

Due date extension 2019 only

To help Romanian non profit associations and organizations, the Romanian prime minister extended the due date for 230 and 200 forms submission until July 31st for 2019.

If you are paying taxes in Romania, you have the option to redirect 2% of your income tax to the non profit association of your choice. Redirecting the 2% is at no cost to you, except for the few minutes spent filling out the form and sending it to us. You will be paying the same amount of income tax regardless if you redirect the 2% or not but you will still be helping the pets in our care.

To redirect the 2% of your income tax, follow these steps:

  • Download the correct form

    If you are an employee download form 230 (new form).

    If you are self employed or have your own company or you are a contractor download form 200.

  • Fill out the form

    Fill out the form with your data.

    Our data is:

    Fiscal ID (CIF): 36322791
    Bank account: RO64INGB0000999906112602

  • Submit the form

    The form can be mailed to Cabinetul Veterinar Maya Vet or it can be submitted in person.

    Cabinetul Veterinar Maya Vet Address:
    Brasov, jud Brasov

    Alternatively you can email the form to

    We will collect the forms and will further submit to Administratia Financiara on your behalf.

    The due date for submitting the form to Administratia Financiara is July 31st.

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